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Most of us need or want counselling for situational stressors that knock us off of our ‘center.’ That might be the loss of a job, divorce or separation, loss of loved one and the grieving process.

Other times, counselling is more related to dynamics that are more deep-seated and related to family of origin issues, i.e., a parent who was an alcoholic, childhood trauma, etc., and those events can create internalized dysfunctional patterns that are counter-productive in our adult lives.

We always have a choice – but sometimes it takes someone outside our self to help us see that the choice even exists. We can’t and won’t choose a healthier option if we don’t see that it exists.

For other people, they have as a goal of counselling to just want to manage stress, work-life balance, and be happier.

I work with these issues and more.

Some of the more specialized issues I work with are:

  • Men’s Issues
    Men go through the same ‘stages of life’ as women do, but for the most part men have no biological markers to guide them or to even know when they are leaving one stage and entering another. There is work to be done here, for most men, especially since there really aren’t any societal or cultural mechanisms to signal us.
  • Relationship Issues
    Often a couple will find their relationship in a crisis and not know where the origin of the crisis is. The usual explanation of this is that we grow up and internalize our own parents’ relationship dynamics. Without conscious exploration and discovery of those dynamics, there can be no change and the stress on the relationship continues – and often eventually destroys the relationship.
    It should be noted that sometimes I’ll do relationship work with an individual and their own relationship to self. I have observed over these many years that the health of the relationship you have with your self is the benchmark of the health or quality of every other relationship you will have.
    I also have a specialty area with years of experience working with intimate partner abuse, especially survivors of domestic abuse and violence from narcissistic, sociopathic or other toxic partners. Being a partner in such a relationship almost always means being significantly traumatized, your sense of self damaged or destroyed, self-esteem and self-confidence destroyed, and any sense of well-being injured.
  • Spiritual Direction
    Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? Do you wish that that spiritual connection was deeper, more fulfilling and rewarding? This can be an integral part of the work we do together in the context of counselling, or as a separate endeavour.
    When working with a client as spiritual director, I will usually work from a Taoist or Buddhist perspective. There is a reason the Tao has survived 2500 years…

I work with people via telephone, Skype, FaceTime and face-to-face calls. I have clients in both Canada as well as the States. While internet-based counselling and therapy is not as effective as in-person sessions, it’s been proven to be quite helpful when traditional counselling is difficult to obtain.

If you have questions about these or other issues, please feel free to contact me with the form below.

Wishing You Peace in the Space Between…


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