Coaching Areas

Many people ask me: What areas do you coach in?

That depends.

Many clients have a variety of needs. Some are looking for a ‘general life’ coach. Others want a ‘relationship coach’ to improve the relationship they have with their partner. Still others are looking for a ‘spiritual coach’ to deepen and make more rewarding their spiritual lives.

We will determine together what the focus areas are depending on your core values and goals. And, once again, this is a cooperative process. And an organic and fluid one, meaning that your specific goals may change over time depending on life events and context.

Specific areas that I work in:

  • Life coaching
  • Spiritual coaching or direction
  • Relationship coaching
  • Life transition coaching
  • Work-life balance coaching

In our initial discussion, we will explore together what your goals are, how they are impacted by your core values and life situation, and then explore what goals are most achievable for you in your time frame and circumstance.