Personal Pursuits

Beyond being a trained counsellor and therapist and working in mental health for more than 20 years, I believe that being a healthy and conscious human requires that we pursue things that interest us, help us grow and engage our creativity.

It’s terribly easy to remain constantly ‘in a rush’ in our insanely hectic pace of life… I’ve succumbed to it. But I always work to come back to this moment, and to those things that are truly important to me.

To that end, I’m a life-long amateur musician, a writer, a public speaker, photographer and practicing Taoist…

As a musician, my passion lies in the singer-songwriter genre, and I’m both an active listener and singer-songwriter. I am also, more recently, exploring the idea of creating meditation music and guided meditations.

As a writer, I’ve written for numerous publications over the years, primarily editorial essays and product reviews (I’m a self-declared geek and avid fisherman). And I am currently working on a book related to the Tao te Ching.

As a public speaker, I’ve presented at the international Science and Non-Duality conference, and at The Centre for Human Consciousness, The Canadian Domestic Violence Conference, and various others along the way. Topics have generally been related men’s spirituality and human consciousness in the context of therapy or counselling.

As a photographer, I’ve run a successful wedding and portrait studio, been a Fuji Film and Olympus Pro, taught photography in college, and would love to be the next Ansel Adams!

And, lastly, my spirituality is important to me. As a Taoist, I find my inspiration and peace in Nature – and work at staying in the present moment.


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