David’s Perspective

I have been in mental health services for more than twenty years, starting as an assistant group leader, later completing my BA in Psychology at Indiana University, followed by an MA in Counseling Psychology at Valparaiso University. I started my private practice in 1996. As my experiences accumulated, I realized that a missing component of most psychological or counselling theories was the spiritual element. Accordingly, and when appropriate, there is a very strong spiritual component to the work I do with clients. Over the years, many clients have referred to me as more their spiritual coach than as their therapist or counsellor.

Spirituality is different than religion.

Counselling is not about using the right psychological perspective or school of thought or training. It is about really listening. And then helping the client find their own answers. Counseling should be ecological, meaning that the insights you have or the skills you acquire, you should be able to take with you without becoming dependent on your counselor or therapist. My intention is typified by one of my favorite quotes:

Answers are easy; asking the right question is the difficult part.

 I would be pleased to explore the right questions and assist in you finding your own answers…

Wishing you Peace in the Space Between…


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