About David…

I am a seasoned mental health professional with 25+ years’ experience.

I have worked in various locations and roles, from individual, couple’s and group therapist or counsellor to clinical supervisor and program manager. But I have always maintained a focus on private practice.

But more recently, I have decided to transition my ‘clinical practice’ to a full-time Life Coach.

My greatest joy is working with individuals who are serious about the pursuit of their own answers, with an eye towards finding their own life path. Client’s often present with an underlying fear or shame about ‘needing help.’ You should know that, whatever your concern or struggle is, you are not the first to have met with or struggled with that issue.

But counselling or therapy is very different than coaching. In counselling, the focus is on resolving the pains of the past in the present moment. The past is always with us, and, yes, it’s important to make peace with our own histories.

But coaching, on the other hand, is the full-time pursuit of a positive future. Today’s field of and practices of life coaching actually can be traced all the way back to Abraham Maslow, who, in 1954, coined the term.

There is much to be said about the creativity and process of building the life you want, rather than mitigating the pains of the past.

To that end, I am transitioning my practice to provide life and spiritual coaching.

I’ve been licensed as a clinical counsellor in three states (as well as having been Board-Certified by American Counselling Association), and possess the requisite skills to address client issues that present an obstacle in the coaching process. But the focus will be on building the future you want, not just making the past more bearable.

This is not a new activity for me. I have been providing life coaching and spiritual direction or coaching for clients as an adjunct to counselling services.

I work with most populations, i.e., aboriginal/indigenous people, the LGBTQ population, general mental health issues with both individuals and couples, trauma victims, domestic abuse issues, and alternative lifestyle issues as well.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to a better space – and the life you create!

Wishing You Peace in the Space Between…